HGP Releases its January 2019 Semi-Annual Health IT Market Review

January 16, 2019

Healthcare Growth Partners is pleased to release our Semi-Annual Health IT Market Review.  Our semi-annual report summarizes M&A and private equity activity across health IT, health information services, and digital health. This edition of the report includes findings from HGP’s bi-annual Health IT Private Equity Survey, which encompasses feedback from 105 private equity funds with their sentiment and observations across all stages of Health IT private equity investing.  The report leverages the Healthcare Growth Partners database to evaluate M&A and investment trends, valuation multiples, and capital markets activity across the health IT, health information services, and digital health sectors.

Download the complete report here. To stay in the loop, drop your name and email in the sign up form at the footer of this page or in the footer of www.hgp.com.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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