HGP Advises Access eForms in Sale to Phreesia

August 14, 2023

Phreesia, a leader in patient intake, outreach and activation, is pleased to announce it has acquired Access eForms, an innovative electronic forms management and automation provider that helps hospitals across the country streamline workflows, improve compliance and deliver a better patient experience.

This transaction expands Phreesia’s offerings for acute-care hospitals, continuing to drive efficiency and a better patient experience.

“Both Phreesia and Access eForms are focused on delivering value for healthcare organizations and helping them navigate staffing challenges, operate more efficiently, and make care more convenient and patient-centered,” said Phreesia’s Chief Operating Officer Evan Roberts. “The Access eForms product is an excellent complement to our existing functionality—especially in the acute-care space—and we’re looking forward to supporting their clients and partners.”

“I’m incredibly excited that Access eForms is now part of Phreesia,” said Access CEO Tim Elliott. “Like Access eForms, Phreesia is founder-led with a long history of working to make healthcare better for patients, providers and staff. I’m confident that with Phreesia’s size and scale, our solutions are going to have an even bigger impact.”

To read more, visit the press release here.

Client Testimonials:

“When choosing the right Investment Banker to market my company, it was important that I chose a firm that understood healthcare and could find potential buyers in both the Strategic and Private Equity spaces. Healthcare Growth Partners quickly showed that they not only knew a large number of potential prospects but helped us craft a message that allowed the unique aspects of my company to shine through. From the very beginning, HGP under-promised and over-delivered. They truly wanted to get the most for the company I had worked hard to create and nurture. I don’t think we would have made it through the Diligence process without their help. They dedicated resources that were instrumental in helping our legal team, accounting team, and admin team organize and stay on top of the requests coming in from our buyer. I don’t think we would have been able to close the deal on time without HGP. Next to making the decision to sell, HGP was the best decision I made, hands down.”

– Access eForms, Tim Elliott, CEO and Founder

“I’m a better professional and person for the time I spent with HGP. Transactions are inherently stressful; doing it with a firm you trust and genuinely enjoy being around made the process so much easier. So proud to know and be associated with your team!”

– Access eForms, Davin Marceau, COO


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