HGP Advises Medullan in Sale to ZS

June 18, 2021

Medullan, a leading digital health firm that designs and builds outcomes-driven solutions with a direct and measurable impact on the healthcare industry, announced its acquisition by ZS, a professional services firm that works side by side with companies to help develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results.

The acquisition paves the way for offerings that will help drive the success and scale of digital health solutions for better patient outcomes. It will achieve this by combining ZS’s existing consulting, technology and analytical services in life sciences with Medullan’s innovative digital health solutions, as well as its pioneering virtual care and decentralized trial platform, VARA™.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated patient acceptance and industry need for scalable, secure, reliable and seamless digital health solutions,” said Chris Wright, CEO at ZS. “The power and flexibility of Medullan’s platform and other capabilities—combined with ZS’s deep business expertise, industry relationships and global reach—mean that we’re able to help our clients overcome digital delivery barriers and improve patient outcomes in this unprecedented moment.”

“The life sciences space has unique challenges and opportunities that we have been focused on,” said Medullan CEO Ahmed Albaiti. “By combining our teams and technologies, we can provide unique, end-to-end digital health capabilities in an increasingly digital-first world that will define the future. Delivering that future, while meeting the regulatory demands in life sciences product innovation and decentralized trials, is what we can do today.”

To read more, visit the press release here.